About Embrace Continence Solutions


Embrace Continence Solutions was established as a nurse-led private practice inspired by:

founder Naomi Wolfman’s commitment to bettering people’s lives

the need to disseminate research on this complex and crucial subject

a belief in the role of the independent Registered Nurse as an effective health care provider with increased availability to the public.

Embrace Continence Solutions Ltd. advocates for therapeutic, conservative and practical measures as a first line of defense to preventing and treating incontinence.


Naomi began her nursing education as a mature student at Langara College in Vancouver, BC. She completed her studies at the University of Victoria, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Through her studies, Naomi learned of encouraging new research in Continence Nursing, research meant to decrease symptoms, empower sufferers and return freedom to their lives. Some sufferers were people who seldom left their homes and others, when confronted with new surroundings, constantly worried about urgently locating a bathroom.

As a practicing ward nurse, Naomi became even more aware of otherwise vibrant people whose lifestyles were severely curtailed by unwanted leakage. Naomi set out to learn more and in 2009 pursued the post-secondary Nurse Continence Advisor Program at McMaster University. Fascinated by the detailed workings of the body and astonished by the challenges faced by the people living with incontinence, she was also encouraged to learn that most of these individuals could be helped.

As a bedside RN working in a hospital unit, Naomi found that her nursing career gave her the opportunity to observe, advise and teach new ways of dealing with incontinence issues. She heard first-hand about how incontinence-related worries crept gradually into people’s lives, robbing them of their spirit and dignity, as well as playing havoc with their daily routines. She became familiar with the frequently defeated attitudes of sufferers and with the myths surrounding incontinence. Through further education and training, which continue to enhance both her practice and her patients’ outcomes, Naomi also learned that incontinence status is preventable and can even be reversed. Inspired by knowledge and hope, she founded Embrace Continence Solutions Ltd.

To complement her nursing credentials and experience, she brings to Embrace:

  • Biofeedback: Naomi completed the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) neuromuscular training curriculum for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and has now obtained board certification.
  • Pessary Training: In 2012 Naomi clinically trained in fitting, care and replacement of support and incontinence pessaries.

Membership in good standing:

  • BCNU (British Columbia Nurses Association)
  • CNCA (Canadian Nurse Continence Advisors Association)
  • ICS (International Continence Society)
  • SUNA (Society of Urological Nurses Association)

You are in good hands….

The Pelvic Floor Series- Bladder Health workshop was well prepared and I feel better informed than before. I found this course very useful and should be a must for everyone.


These six hours have been very helpful to me. I even have my libido back! And the incontinence has started to clear up. Thank you very much Naomi!


I had seen a physiotherapist for a number of sessions who diagnosed my vaginal prolapse problem and who suggested exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. One of the problems I encountered was that the physio taught the exercises very quickly and without thought as to how the mind-body connection is quite relevant to any noticeable improvement. It was only after I attended Naomi’s classes that I began to more fully understand how to do the pelvic floor exercises correctly. Naomi provided a very thorough and extensive program on how to manage the body and mind together to promote greater improvement. I would not hesitate to recommend Naomi to anyone who has incontinence problems.


We did not realize that some habits during the day could have an effect on bedwetting. Naomi’s program helped us identify them. We put together a plan based on a training methodology that follows each child’s individual rhythm. The program does require strong commitment from the family and our son Alex felt comfortable enough to speak openly about an issue he might not usually discuss with others.


age 9
For years I have been suffering from vaginismus without even knowing what was going on inside my internal organ. After being referred to Naomi, I realised that a solution exists and a cure is possible. My husband and
I attended several sessions and followed all the steps as explained by Naomi. My exercises are still ongoing and the results are very encouraging. I would highly recommend the services offered by Naomi for the curative, preventative and educational sessions

Thank you very much Naomi for the wonderful things that you do for us.

K. N

For years I’ve suffered in silence and embarrassment at sudden “accidents”; but after only 1 session at Embrace Continence Solutions, I began a new path to recovery and discovery of how to reverse this debilitating condition!

Each step by step process was thoroughly explained and presented by a specialized RN, whose care, compassion, and desire for patients’ successes is next to none. The use of diagrams, models, biofeedback, and muscle stimulation has been an invaluable learning experience.

I learned how to use, isolate, and control the pelvic floor correctly! I thought for years I was doing Kegel exercises properly, but I was wrong until I made the call.


(Vancouver, BC)
Pessaries are a necessity for many women and fitting them correctly is an art. Naomi has the skill and the intuition.

Lesley Hanson

NCA (Edmonton, AB)
I believe that every woman and every man should attend Naomi’s classes on pelvic floor. This is because as we age our pelvic floor normally weakens without toning.
I did the Kegel exercises for 1 year but incorrectly and in these classes I learned how to do them properly. It helped me to further control and strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. The visual aids used were very helpful for me.


(Vancouver, BC)
I am 62 yo and had a big problem with my bladder accidents. Since I met Naomi with her special exercises I feel much better and my bladder improved.


(Vancouver, BC)
I found your first lecture most informative. I was able to immediately use it to my advantage to retrain my bladder and no longer had to rush to the toilet…as I was not leaking. It was such a relief!


(Vancouver, BC)
Naomi excellent care
I had a fall on the 13th March 2015, and broke my left hip. I had surgery to repair the broken hip, I am also a stage four lung cancer patient. I am still receiving experimental chemo drug which can bring on sudden diarrhea. After surgery I had to take a lot pain killer to lessen the pain. The pain killer caused constipation. In the stay at VGH for 13 days I had only two bowel moments, with stool softener, laxative and ended up with suppository to make it work. I was then transferred to ubc hospital TCU, on the 25 March,until the 10th of April. During the stay there, I had two bowel movements, only with the kind and gentle treatment help from Naomi, on top of the usually laxative, but minus the suppository . I was greatly relieved when it was done.
If you are suffering from chronic constipation, I would suggest that you should consult Naomi for help.
She is at www.embrace-cs.ca, her email address is naomi@embrace-cs.ca .

She is the most caring nurse.

Thank you Naomi!

By the way I take honey water everyday, and that seemsto help too!

Constipation sufferer and Hip surgery patient Julia Y.

I had intended to go to the medical clinic near me for an infection I had, but remembered Naomi Wolfman who is a continence specialist. Naomi paid a home visit and did some tests, confirming my concern.

She was efficient, extremely knowledgeable and caring, and wrote out numerous instructions to help me heal faster. I can highly recommend Naomi to anyone with bladder concerns and it’s highly obvious Naomi takes pride in her profession..

She is the most caring nurse.

Thank you Naomi!

By the way I take honey water everyday, and that seems to help too!

J Wright


What a great modality biofeedback is, and Embrace has one of the best therapists in Naomi. She has helped me a great deal over the last year since my spinal cord injury. What used to seem like the impossible has become possible with her therapy and high-level knowledge. Naomi is a great communicator, a strong advocate for health, and a valuable asset to anyone looking to improve their pelvic floor strength or function. She is able to take an awkward and sometimes embarrassing problem and make her patients feel comfortable. I would recommend Embrace with a score of 10 out of 10.

Thank you.


Naomi is very knowledgable and caring. She was able to explain what was happening to my body in regards to the vaginismus/ pelvic floor weakness and bladder issues in clear language. She was very soothing and supportive during the treatment sessions. This included the biofeedback process, which I feel was critical to helping me “see” what my body was doing, as I learned the exercises and relaxation techniques. Naomi is a real gem and I’m so thankful I was referred to her. She has changed my life for the better!


North Vancouver
I loved this workshop. It was so informative with practical tips and exercises. It also tapped into issues I’ve had around bladder health that I was not aware of but didn’t know what to do with. Naomi is a fantastic instructor. Very knowledgeable and experienced. I really liked her real life stories.


It was good to learn the proper techniques of Kegel exercising. Sleep better now, less trips to the bathroom at night in last 2 weeks, since taking this course.


Your classes have helped me get back control over leaking- a great improvement. I learned NOT to stop peeing midstream hoping to strengthen pelvic floor muscles- thanks.


I was in a mess. I was diagnosed with a mild prolapse by my GP and told that there was a 4 month wait to see a gynaecologist to have an assessment for a pessary.

Naomi Wolfman and Embrace Clinic was suggested and I went to see her.

By asking very pertinent questions Naomi started to narrow down my issues, which had not been made obvious to me before. I did a bowel and bladder diary for 1 week which was very revealing and she created a treatment plan. I visited 4 times in 6 weeks always reporting that my bowel and bladder routines were improving. She fitted me with a pessary which is easy to remove and insert and has reduced the prolapse. I don’t even know I have it in.

I am very grateful to Naomi for her knowledge, patience and problem solving and I recommend her services.

Jane (Richmond, BC)


After just one workshop lesson with Naomi, I had a huge improvement in my situation (of incontinence) by learning and practising the breath – pelvic muscles’ function and action.


This course is ‘a must’ for everyone! Definite improvement in control of bladder plus insight into how our bodies work. This knowledge helps understand and master techniques and general well-being. Wish I heard this in my youth!