The quality of life lived each day is an important aspect of our daily routine. Do bladder or bowel problems interfere with activities you enjoy? Do they limit your social or private life?

Do you …

  • have to cut short your game of golf so that you may use the bathroom?
  • have trouble sitting through a game of cards due to bladder urgency, with unexpected leaks?
  • feel you urinate too often during the day? Or at night?
  • get recurrent and bothersome Urinary Tract Infections?
  • experience unwanted leakage when you run, carry heavy objects or stand up from sitting?
  • regularly evacuate hard bowel movements?
  • wear liners ‘just in case’ to protect from unplanned bladder or bowel leaks?
  • still have unanswered questions about the care and maintenance of your pessary?
  • often miss your favourite team scoring because you are in the bathroom … for the 3rd time in the last hour?
  • evacuate one or less than one bowel movements per week?
  • get an urgent feeling to use the bathroom when you hear water trickling or when you unlock the door upon coming home?


If you have these or other related concerns, please call Embrace Continence Solutions Ltd. We can assist you with:

Assessment – comprehensive, respectful and professional examination in your home.
Consultation- we provide consultations to adults in hospitals, residential and private homes.
Education- presentation sessions available for health care professionals and groups in the community.
Treatment- practical, effective and current solutions for regaining bladder or bowel control.
Training– using biofeedback equipment as an adjunct treatment for pelvic muscle exercises.


Initial Consultation

Please call to discuss whether the services we provide will be right for you. Naomi Wolfman offers a free half hour consultation over the phone, helping potential patients decide whether to embark towards what is sure to be an enhanced quality of life. At this time, the first two appointments will be booked as a package.

Appointment 1 (45 min – 1 hr)

During your first appointment, you will be given new information about the symptoms interfering with your daily life. Your most pertinent questions will be answered, beginning the process of information gathering.

Appointment 2 (1.5 – 2 hrs)

Your second appointment will follow one week after the first. This initial assessment will allow us to tailor treatment for your individual needs. You will participate in a sensitive, respectful, and comprehensive continence assessment based on:

  • present symptoms
  • completed questionnaires
  • medical and continence histories
  • examination and evaluation of your pelvic floor muscles
  • any retention of urine by use of ultrasound bladder scanner.

By this time, we will have gathered the information necessary to create a plan of action that will incorporate behavioural changes including:

  • food choices
  • healthy fluids
  • healthy habits
  • bladder retraining
  • pelvic muscle exercises
  • muscle therapies (see ‘Biofeedback’ explanation below)

As these changes are implemented, your symptoms will improve.

Follow-up Visits (45 min)

Highly individualized, treatments are most beneficial when undertaken once weekly for an average of 2-3 months.


You may also refer a family member or self-refer.
Health care professionals please download a Referral Form here.

Fees / Coverage

Please call for information about our special packages.
Check with your health insurance carrier to inquire about extended coverage.



Completely safe and comfortable, biofeedback picks up a muscle’s electric signals and translates them onto a screen. These signals represent involuntary, physiological actions that provide immediate, meaningful, and current information you can use to build an enhanced pelvic floor.

Where needed, patients can also benefit from pelvic muscle electrical stimulation as an adjunct therapy to preserving continence. This is based on studies which have shown an increase in pelvic floor awareness and better pelvic muscle function.

You are in good hands….